Floats for level control

from different materials and shapes


Various plastics
With integrated magnet


stainless steel V2A/V4A
ball or cylindrical shape


Design according to your requirements
With and without magnet

Floats are used for level control in tanks and containers . Due to their lower density, they float on the surface of the liquid. They provide a cost-effective visual control of the level in a container. Floats are also used in level switches.

With an optional integrated magnet, this level can also be transmitted to a magnetic switching contact (reed contact) without any contacts. The range of applications is very diverse, whether in the automotive industry, process engineering, household appliances, measuring technology, laboratory equipment.

Floats according to your requirements

  • Different designs
  • Material according to application
  • Individual dimensions

Floats are available in different sizes and finishes. The material also has various alternatives such as PP, PE, NBR or stainless steel. Also, they differ in their structure. Depending on the application, you should select the appropriate type. We will be happy to help you.

The float is used to control the level. It is used for visual control of a liquid level, or for switching a signal at a defined level. It is crucial that the float swims at anyFloat foamedtime s constructive in the liquid and does not sink.

Floats are available in many different shapes. Standard are ball or cylinder floats. Most variants have a passage hole in the middle. They are mounted on a riser pipe on which they move up and down with the filling level. The inside of the climbing tube is usually a contact-free switching contact (see float switch ).

There are so-called hollow floats, which contain inside a chamber filled with air. These have very good swimming properties, but are slightly more expensive to produce. Alternatively, there are still foamed swimmers. This is made in a process of solid material. This material contains foamed material, which creates many small air chambers.

Which type is best for you depends on the purpose of use and the ambient conditions (such as temperature). Just send us an email or call us, we will be glad to help you.

Product examples

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