Level Switch for level monitoring

Individually adapted for your application, already available from 10 pieces


We develop and manufacture for companies
your customized float level switch,
this does not require any adjustments to your tank.

Installation from above


Installation from the side


Stainless Steel


Float switch – liquid level switch – level sensor

Monitor level safely

Prevent your pump from running dry or overrunning your container with our float switches. This reliably monitors the level of fluid in containers or water tanks. You get a signal when it’s empty or filled. This automatically controls your pump by switching it on or off, which protects it from failure. Float switches are a cost-effective and maintenance-free alternative to expensive electronic sensors. Our level switches are very energy-saving as nopermanent power supply is needed.

Components that fit easily

Float switches off the shelf will never exactly meet your requirements and desires.
These do not fit your application. Either you change your container or device, or you will find a manufacturer that will tailor the level switch to your needs .

We can help you here and that at standard prices. Our developers modify one of our numerous standard types or develop a completely new variant for you (OEM product).


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Save time and money:

  • No customization to your application is necessary by customized size

  • Easy and safe to assemble by optimal size and assembly type

  • Get connected quickly and safely through matching cables and plugs

  • The switching point is exactly at the desired level, which is by matching the components

Float switch are available as standard products or customized variants.
However, for a standard product, the switching point, size or material composition is not aligned with your application. In order for your pump to turn on or off at the desired level, you need a sensor or switch that fulfills this. A suitable material should be chosen for the level switch that is suitable for the medium used, such as water or oil. You get an optimal result as just by customizing your needs and device.

Customize the float switch exactly to your requirements.
Depending on the liquid used, the case material and the float must be selected. The temperature of the liquid also plays an important role here. The right connector provides a fast and secure connection with the control or submersible pump. You should never switch a 230V pump directly as this destroys the float switch.
Choose your appropriate components. We are happy to support you in the optimal selection.

  • Baugroesse


    Length from 3cm to 100cm, mounting on request

  • Werkstoffe Schwimmerschalter


    PA, PP, PE, POM, PVDF, stainless steel, brass, others on request

  • Schwimmer


    With integrated Magnet, PP, PA, PE, NBR, Stainless Steel,…

  • Reedschalter

    Reed switch

    Switching data up to 500V, up to 100W, close, opener or changer

  • Litzen / Kabel

    Strands / cables

    For your requirements, in different colors and materials

  • Steckerauswahl

    Plug / stripped

    Suitable for your application, manufacturer according to your specifications

Float switches monitor filling able able. Predominantly, a container is edevoid or fully queried. However, other levels can also be monitored. This allows you to monitor the filling in more detail. Depending on the design, it has 1 or more switching points for the respective level to be detected. For this purpose, several floats are needed.


1 switching point


2 switching points

VK 1173

3 switching points

Level switch structureOur float switches operate according to the simple and durable principle of reed switch technology. The float lifts or lowers along a steep pipe depending on the level of fluid. The magnet in the float switches the reed contact inside the climbing tube without contact. Depending on the positioning of the magnet and reed switch, different switching points can be realized in order to recognize exactly your desired level. Level switches can have one or more switching points.

Compared to other techniques such as inductive, capacitive or ultrasound, these require no permanent power supply and are very energy-saving. They can be used in almost any environment. Swimmer switches are maintenance-free, durable and easy to assemble. This guarantees low installation and operating costs.

You can attach the level switch to different positions of your container. We generally distinguish between vertical mounting and horizontal mounting.

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    Vertical Mounting

    Installation from top or bottom into the container

By means of a thread at the float switch, it is screwed to the container.

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    Horizontal Mounting

    Installation from the side into the container

Types for plates from outside or inside.

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Product examples

Here you can see an exemplary selection of level switches (other designations are also: float switch . We also offer many other product variants. Just ask us.

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