Float switch for monitoring filling levels

Our float switches allow for easy and cost-effective detection of liquid level limits. The proven reed technology ensures that our sensors are reliable, durable, and energy-efficient. They are versatile and easy to use in almost any application by customising the size, mounting method and switching point.

Advantages with adapted float switches:

Easy installation

due to adapted size, mounting type and connection

Save money

as maintenance-free, durable and energy-saving

Save time

our experts advice you competent and construct according to your specifications

Product examples

Here you see an exemplary selection of float switches ( level switch, level sensor ). In addition we offer further product variants.




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What parameters are important for your optimal float switch?

To find your optimal float switch for your application, you should define the following parameters:

  • Length of the float switch
  • Number of switching points
  • Position and function of each switching point
  • Electrical connection (cable, plug, …)
  • Process connection (thread, flange, … )
  • Material (plastic, stainless steel, …)
  • Application medium (liquid)
Configure your product to fit

Adjust the float switch (level switch) according to your requirements.
Select the suitable housing material and float depending on the liquid used. The temperature of the liquid also is important. With the suitable plug you can connect your control or pump quickly and safely. Never switch a 230V pump directly, as this will destroy the level switch.
Select your suitable components. We will be pleased to support you in making the optimal choice.


Length from 3 cm to 100 cm, type of installation as desired

Steigrohr Schwimmerschalter

PA, PP, PE, POM, PVDF, stainless steel, brass, others on request


with integrated magnet, made of PP, PA, PE, NBR, stainless steel


Reed switch
Data switch: up to 230V, up to 100W, normally open or changeover contact


Strands / cables
for your requirements, in different colors and materials


Connector / stripped
suitable for your application, manufacturer according to your specifications

Put together your individual float switch now and request it without obligation.

How does a float switch work?

Our float switches function according to the simple and durable principle of reed switch technology. A float rises or falls with the liquid level along a riser tube. The magnet in the float switches the reed contact inside the riser tube without contact, see also reed switch: design and function. Different switching points result from the position of magnet and reed switch. In this way, your desired level can also be detected exactly. Float switches have 1 or more switching points.

reed switch structure

This technique is energy saving compared to other techniques like inductive, capacitive or ultrasound, because you do not need a permanent current. The float switches are used in almost all environments. They are maintenance-free, durable and easy to install. This guarantees low installation and operating costs.

Mounting method and fastening

You can mount the float switch at different positions in your tank. We basically distinguish between vertical and horizontal mounting.

Schwimmerschalter vertikale Montage

Vertical mounting
Installation from above or below in the tank
Use a thread to screw the float switch to the tank

Schwimmerschalter horizontale Montage

Horizontal mounting

Installation from the side into the tank.
Types for mounting from outside or inside.

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Number of monitored switch points

Float switches monitor liquid levels in containers or water tanks, such as empty or filled. You can also monitor other water levels. Depending on the version, it then has 1 or more switching points for the respective level to be detected. For this purpose several floats are needed.

Schwimmerschalter Kunststoff VK1113

1 switching point

2 switching points

float switch vertica PE

3 switching points

Components that fit

Commercially available float switches rarely meet your requirements. They do not fit your device or are made of unsuitable materials for your application. A wrong choice can lead to fatal problems in the long run. Due to an unsuitable material selection the float switch will not work properly after some time, so that the liquid will run over your tank or your pump breaks. That consequences can be serious!

We help you with the selection and this at standard prices.
Our developers modify one of our numerous variants or develop a completely new float switch (OEM product) for you.

Schwimmerschalter Standard kundenindividuell Vergleich Binsack Reedtechnik

standard vs. optimized

Safe monitoring of filling level

Prevent your pump from running dry or your tank from overflowing with our float switches (level switches).  This reliably monitors the liquid level in containers or tanks. You receive a signal (alarm) when it is empty or filled. This allows you to switch your pump on or off automatically, which protects it against failure. Float switches are cost-effective and maintenance-free. Our level switches are energy-saving as they do not require permanent power. We have several types of float switches.

Your advantages through adapted float switches

Save time and money:

  • no adjustment of your device necessary
    ⇒ by adapted size
  • easy and safe to install
    ⇒ through optimal size and mounting method
  • quick and safe connection
    ⇒ through suitable cables and connectors
  • Switching point exactly at the desired filling level
    ⇒ through coordinated components

Float switches (level switches) are available as standard products or customized versions.

With a standard product the switching point, size or material is not adapted to your application. In order for your pump to switch on or off at the desired level, you need a sensor or switch that meets this requirement.

Choose a material suitable for the medium used. You will only get an optimal result by customizing it to your requirements.

Schwimmerschalter Standard kundenindividuell Vergleich Binsack Reedtechnik

Standard – Optimized