Reed relay high insulated


for special measurement applications
such as insulation measurements

  • High insulation resistance, 10^14 Ohm
  • Low leakage current
  • High dielectric strength

What is special about high-insulation reed relays?

This relay Type can switch up to 7,5 kVDC, while providing a breakdown voltage of up to 10 kVDC and higher across the open contacts. The special construction ensures the high insulation resistance of 1014 Ohm across the open contacts as well as between the coil and contacts. It has also a very low leakage current in the picoamperes range. The outer magnetic shield protects the relays against a mutual interaction and allows an assembly with higher density.

Application examples:

Measurement technology, measurement circuit of a leak detector, mass spectometry, gas chromatograph, electric compatibility, photovoltaics, inverters, battery applications.

Where are high-insulation reed relays used ?

High-insulation reed relays are often used for leakage current measurement. Here, the insulation of a circuit with respect to earth is determined. In doing so, the switching element for the measurement must not cause a leakage current itself under any circumstances. For this reason solid-state relays are considered unsuitable.

High-insulation reed relays are also used in measurement technology applications with high requirements for interference signal suppression. This type of relay has an insulation resistance of up to 1014Ω. This enables an extremely low leakage current of up to a few femto amperes, as well as a constant contact resistance. Optionally, we offer an electrostatic and a magnetic shield.

Special reed switches with very low contact resistance are used in these relays. Those have short switching times and a long service life. The hermetic encapsulation of the contact reeds in a glass tube protects them from environmental influences.

A magnetic shield prevents the influence of magnetic fields on the relay. A static shield guards the contacts from each other and from the coil. This also reduces the bouncing of the contacts.


Comparison: High-insulation reed relay to photo mosfet relay

The PhotoMOSFET relay is an electronic relay with galvanic isolation. It is controlled by a light-emitting diode in the input circuit. This generates an infrared light, which is converted into a voltage inside a solar cell array. The actual output circuit, consisting of one or two power MOSFETs, is switched via a trigger circuit.

The reed relay consists of a copper coil with an internal reed contact. Due to the hermetic encapsulation of the switching tongues in a glass body, the reed contact has an extremely high reliability and longevity.


Parameter PhotoMOSFET High Insulation Relay
Switching power max. /W 0,3 – 0,7 10 – 50
Switching voltage max. /V 100 – 1000 500 – 7500
Switching current max. /A 0,1 – 3 0,5 – 3
Contact resistance /mOhm 500 – 1200 150
Insulation resistance /GOhm 1-10 100000
Pull in time /ms 0,5 – 1 2,5
Release time /ms 0,01 – 0,02 0,1

Aufbau eines hochisolierten Relais

Das Reedrelais besteht aus einer Kupferspule mit einem speziellen Reedkontakte im Inneren. Ein magnetischer Schirm verhindert den Einfluss magnetischer Umfelder auf das Relais. Durch einen statischen Schirm werden die Kontakte untereinander und gegen die Spule abgeschirmt. Dadurch wird zusätzlich das Prellen der Kontakte vermindert.


Which variants are there ?

Technical data (varies according to type)

Switching power:      5 .. 50 W

Switching contact:    Normally open

Switching voltage:    500 ..  7500 V

Number of switch contacts:   1 .. 4

Optional additional features of our relays:

Magnetic shielding
The shielding made of ferromagnetic material prevents the influence of magnetic interference fields on the relay.

Electrostatic shielding
Optimum shielding of the contacts from each other and from the coil is achieved by closed metal surfaces (copper tubes). They also reduce the bouncing of the contacts and thus the interference voltage caused by magnetostriction. The pick-up and drop-out delay of the eddy currents caused by this design have been reduced to a tolerable level by the special arrangement of the copper tubes.

Reed relay axial 207
Reed relay 732

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