Suction pipe
with level monitoring

canister empty detection,
change your canister easy, quick and safe

  • Use of your canister, through adapted size

  • Protect your pump from running dry, through integrated empty level detection

  • Save time by changing the canister quickly and safely

  • Save money, the suction pipe is durable and maintenance-free 

Why should you use suction pipes with level monitoring ?

When using suction lances without fill level monitoring, you will not receive an automatic message when the container is empty. This means that a timely replacement of the container is not guaranteed. It can also happen that your pump runs dry and suffers damage.

As an alternative to a simple suction lance, you can also use a separate level monitor. However, this becomes more difficult and costly when replacing the container. Because you then have to exchange 2 units, the suction lance and the level switch.

Our suction lances have integrated level monitoring. It is mounted through the canister opening, which is located in the canister as standard. You then replace the canister in good time and, above all, easily and quickly when it is empty.

Kanister mit Sauglanze

Easy container change

Open the screw connection and pull the suction lance out of the canister. Due to the integrated drip protection, the liquid remains in the suction pipe. This keeps everything dry and your suction pipe is still filled. Now insert the suction lance into the new filled canister and tighten the screw connection again. Changing a canister could hardly be quicker, easier and safer.

With many types, the immersion depth can be adapted to a new container size in just a few steps. This allows the suction lance to be used in different container sizes.

Sauglanzen - mit frei einstellbarer Eintauchtiefe

Protect your pump

Our suction pipes with integrated float switch safely and easily detect that the liquid in the container is almost empty. The suction lance reports this information to your control system via a potential-free switching signal. In this way, you can prevent production downtimes or damage to your system.

Your advantages

  • Timely replacement
    due to integrated level monitoring

  • Quick change
    due to precise assembly and fastening

  • Clean environment
    due to optional backflow preventer

Your optimal solution

Thanks to our flexible modular system, we can also realise your optimum solution easily and cost-effectively from as little as 10 pieces. Tell us your application and your requirements, and we will present you with the right suction lance. We will then be happy to further customise it according to your wishes.

Design of our suction pipes

Our suction lances consist of different components, which vary according to type. Here is an explanation of individual components using a product example:

  1. Electrical connection cable, for connection to your circuitry
  2. Hose connection, for attaching the media hose
  3. Height adjustment for setting the immersion depth
  4. Canister lid for fastening
  5. Carrier with internal suction tube
  6. Float for level monitoring
  7. Optional: Filter / backflow preventer
Aufbau Sauglanze

Which components of a suction lance can I choose?

Connection cable

(length and type freely selectable, also with matching plug of choice)


Liquid connection

(e.g. plug-in connection or screw connection for suction hose,
the suction hose can also be integrated in the desired length.)


Container fastening

(e.g. with canister lid, screw connection for adjusting the immersion depth)


Length of suction pipe

(Determine your suitable length, from 15 – 200 cm )


Optional additional equipment for our suction pipes:

  • Sieve: for filtering out coarse impurities
  • Ball non-return valve: for drip-free replacement of the suction lance
  • Protective screen: against the float resting against the tank wall
Sauglanzen - unterschiedliche Schlauchanschlüsse
Sauglanze Sieb

Why should you buy from us ?

Binsack Reedtechnik GmbH has been a manufacturer of suction lances for over 20 years. We specialise in the development and manufacture of customised products for commercial customers. You will receive high-quality suction lances from us that are optimally suited to your application.

You will receive personal and competent advice from us. We help you to solve your task, quickly and efficiently. Even afterwards, we will not leave you alone with your questions. You get the full all-round service with us.

You will find in us your reliable partner with the highest quality (certified according to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001).

Do not change anything in your application !

Use suction lances that are optimally suited to your application.
This saves you time, money and nerves.
You can get them from us at an attractive price.

Request your customised suction pipe now and enjoy the benefits.

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