Float switch stainless steel VM 1193

  • Immersion depth freely adjustable
  • high chemical resistance
  • small version


This float switch (level switch) is mounted from above in the tank and fixed with the nut supplied. It is completely made of stainless steel, so it is suitable for almost all applications and a lot of liquids. Like e.g. acids, as it has a high chemical resistance. You can also use it at temperatures up to 120°C. It is also pressure resistant up to 10 bar. Its flexible application possibilities, reliability and longevity, also in rough environmental conditions, distinguish this type.

For switching pumps or similar electr. Consumers you must always use a contactor or switching relay. Otherwise the float switch will be destroyed.

Additional information




Mounting thread:

Built-in length

Switching voltage max.


for well shafts, IP68, variable installation length