Suction pipe PE with float switch SL 1202

  • multiple switching points
  • high suction rate
  • very good chem. resistance


Suction pipe for large flow rates

This suction lance allows several filling levels to be queried over the entire filling height (e.g. empty and full). The arrangement of the level switches allows the use of the complete cross-section of the support tube as a medium passage. This enables a high flow rate.
Thanks to the integration in DIN 51-71 screw caps, this lance can also be easily used in standard containers. Alternatively, threadless covers are available.
In addition, the lance can optionally be equipped with a coarse filter and a backflow preventer. The installation length can be manufactured according to customer requirements.


  • Large media passage (8mm) for high flow rates
  • monitor multiple fill levels
  • Plug-in assembly, optional canister lid DIN 51-71
  • Canister empty and full detection, through integrated float switch
  • Length of the suction lance selectable
  • Material PP or PE (use for many chemicals)
  • optional: coarse sieve, backflow preventer

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Built-in length




2 swtching points, 3 switching points, Also suitable for acids, High chemical resistance, variable installation length