Suction pipe PE with float switch SL 1214

  • Immersion depth freely adjustable
  • Compression fitting for your suction hose
  • available in different lengths


Suction pipe for most chemicals

  • all parts in contact with the medium are made of polyethylene (PE)
  • low switching point (approx. 17 mm) enables a low level of residual liquid
  • length of the suction pipe can be selected, up to 200 cm
  • electrical connection cable freely selectable, with your plug on request
  • container empty detection through integrated float switch
  • backflow preventer, for drip-free exchange of the canister

Most chemicals, cleaning agents and other liquid products are now delivered to you in a canister made of polyethylene (PE). Since our suction lance has all components that come into contact with the medium also made of polyethylene (PE), they are therefore suitable for your liquid.

With the canister lid of size DIN61 (DIN51), the suction lance can be mounted directly in the canister.


Additional advantages:

With the particularly low switching point, only a small amount of liquid remains in the canister. This means that you have to change the canister less often and there is less liquid left in the container. This saves you time and money. When changing the canister, your hose and your system will not run empty thanks to the built-in non-return valve.

This PE suction pipe is an alternative to PVC suction lances.

Additional information





Built-in length




Also suitable for acids, High chemical resistance, Screw connection for 4/6 mm hose, variable installation length