Float switch stainless steel

VM 1045

Schwimmerschalter Edelstahl VM1045

This vertical float switch (level switch / level switch) is mounted in the container from above and fixed with the attached nut. The existing seal allows a tight installation. It is made entirely of stainless steel.

With its high chemical resistance, it is ideally suited for a wide variety of liquids, such as acids, alkalis but also oils. It is pressure resistant up to 7 bar.

Its big advantage:
By rotating the float by 180 ° you can change the switching function from NO to NC.
Material:Stainless Steel 1.4401
Floats:Stainless Steel 1.4401
Diameter:30 mm
Mounting thread:G1/8″
Installation length:45 mm
Specifics:Installation from Inside,
reversible switching function, High chemical resistance

Further product variants available according to your requirements.
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