Suction pipes for monitored liquid withdrawal from canisters

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Our suction pipes enable the easy removal of liquids from dosing containers or canisters. With the integrated float switch you also get a container empty monitoring. The switching process of the suction pipe is contactless, wear-free and without auxiliary energy.
The design of the suction pipe makes it easier to change canisters and requires only one container opening. Due to the individually selectable length of up to 200 cm and different container attachments, our suction pipe can be used almost everywhere.

Your advantages through our suction lances with float switch

Easy canister change

Only one container opening, no leakage of liquid due to backflow preventer

Process security

because of integrated vacancy detection

Save money

Maintenance-free, long service life, durable and energy-saving

Your advantages

  • Process security for your device, because of integrated vacancy detection
  • low residual quantity in the container, thanks to a special float
  • in selectable sizes and mounting types, for perfect fitting in your container
  • integrated backflow prevent (optionally), for drip-free replacement
  • Save money, because it is maintenance-free and has a long service life

Suction pipe examples

By clicking on the product image or type designation you will receive further product details and technical data.
We also offer other product variants. We can construct also your individual suction pipe for a small budget. Just ask us.

Suction pipes

We can also design your individual suction pipe for your needs.

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Suction pipe informations

Clever dosing

Suction pipes are used to remove liquids from dispensing containers. Due to the individually selectable length (15-200 cm), these are optimally applicable for different container sizes and always suitable.

The integrated level switch of the suction garnish offers a decisive added value here. It automatically switches off your dosing pump as soon as the level in the container is too low.

Examples of use: car washes, dosing technology, dishwashers, hygiene technology, industrial dishwashers, pool technology, cleaning machines, water treatment.

suction pipe used in autoclave
Timely container replacement

Our suction pipe have an integrated float switch (level switch) for level monitoring. With this, our product fulfills 2 functions in one: The suction function and the containers empty monitoring in a suction pipe. This saves you costs when purchasing and operating. You only need 1 canister opening and the canister exchange is much easier and faster. In order to ensure that the suction pipe does not run empty when the container is exchanged, an optional leak protection can be integrated.

Suction pipe with float switch with clamping screw connection
  • Integrated float switch (Level switch)
  • Various tank fastenings, partly adjustable
  • Long service life, maintenance-free
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Our suction pipe have a long service life and are maintenance-free in operation. They are available in different lengths with different container mountings. Due to the integrated level monitoring a high process safety is achieved. As soon as the liquid in the container is empty, your device receives a message. A change of the container is then done quickly and easily, by the attachment chosen for your application. Here you can also choose between different variants, such as clamp, plug or screw version.

You will get the suction lance already with hose in your desired length, or can choose from different hose connections. To prevent the residual fluid in the suction hose from running out when changing, you can also get our products with an optional backflow preventer. All this allows a pleasantly simple handling with our suction lances with level monitoring.

Modifications according to your requirements

You get our suction pipe in different variants with a level switch. We can also adapt these to your requirements. They are available in different diameters, from 22 mm to 36 mm, and in different lengths from 150 mm to 1500 mm. The assembly type can also be selected individually. So we offer you simple clamping fixtures or fittings. For some types of mounting, you can determine the immersion depth of the suction lance yourself. Alternatively, you will of course receive the suction pipe in your desired length. You get the suction hose either firmly integrated in your desired length, or the suction lance offers you a hose connection.

Suction pipe with float switch with clamping screw connection
Suction pipe
Function and structure

The suction pipe with float switch (level switch) is used for the monitored emptying of canisters or containers.
The integrated level monitoring reports the suction pipe when the container is empty. This ensures that your pump does not run dry. Changing the container or canister works easily and quickly, as only one unit is exchanged (suction pipe with integrated level switch). With an optional reflux prevention, this is also a clean and safe, as the suction pipe does not run empty.

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There are suction lance in different lengths (from 15 to 150 cm), with various connection and mounting options.

Optional additional equipment for our suction pipes:

  • sieve, for filtering out coarse dirt
  • Leak protection, for drip-free exchange of suction pipe

Our suction pipe are available in different versions with level switch. See our product examples. We can configure these quickly and cheaply to suit your needs .

Determine the following parameters exactly for your device:

  • Installation length: from 15 to 150 cm
  • Type of fastening: Clamping, plug-in or screw version
  • Material: PP, PE, others on request
  • Suction hose: firmly integrated or hose connection
  • Electrical connection: Cable length and plug as desired

Additional options

  • Leak protection: for drip-free replacement of the suction pipe
  • Sieve: so that foreign bodies do not affect your pump
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Integrated container empty notification

Immersion depth freely adjustable

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Different hose connections

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