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Reed relays


The reed relay is used to switch small signals (NV) and very small currents (femto) to high voltages of 10kV. The reliability and low contact resistances are the deciding factor for many applications.


• long life (up to 109 cycles)
• hermetically closed
• galvanic separation
• high insulation resistance (up to 1014 ohms)
• very low contact resistance (typ 100 milliohms)
• transport current up to 5 A
• switching time ca. 1 ms
• shock resistance up to 100 g possible

Working principle

The reed relay operates with a built-in reed switch which is located within a magnet coil. When a reed switch, the switch contacts are hermetically enclosed in a glass body and thus protected from pollution and other environmental influences. This ensures a consistently low contact resistance for high reliability and long service life. Reed relays are available in various designs as normally open, normally closed, change-over or bistable.

Product Categories Reed Relays:

Reedrelais Standard   Reedrelais Hochspannung    
Standard, Mini, Axial, Hg
with different terminals

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for switching voltages from (1 - 10) kV

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Reedrelais SIL DIL   Reedrelais hochisoliert    
standard and customized

insulation resistance (to 1014 ohms)

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Reed Relays are also available in customized versions.

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