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Reed switches


The hermetically closed contact is used to switch electrical signals and loads. It is activated by an external magnet field.


• high life expectancy (up to 109 switching cycles)
• high switching speed (up to 0,2 ms)
• hermetically closed
• maintenance-free
• inexpensive
• very high insulation resistance (up to 1014 Ohm)
• very low contact resistance (50 mOhm)
• switching voltage from a few nano-volt up to 10000 Volt

Working principle

The reed switch is composed of two ferromagnetic blades that are sealed in a glass tube. The blades overlap slightly and have a distance of only a few micrometers. When approaching a magnetic field, they are attracted to each other and close. If the magnetic field weaks (by removing the magnet), the contacts reopen.

Product category Reed switches:

reed switsch standard   reed switch high volatge   reed switch high insulated
several sizes ( 5-50 ) mm
as NO-contact ( Form A )
or changeover contact ( Form C ),
as well as bistable and customized

d  product overview

  High voltage
switching voltage ( 2,5 - 10 ) kV

d  product overview

  High insulated
Insulation resistance up to 1014 Ohm

d  product overview

Our products are available in several frame sizes and voltages.
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