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Reed sensors


Reed sensors are so-called proximity switches, that work when a magnetic field approaches non-contact. They are often used for position sensing or monitoring in safety devices.


• long life
• insensitive
• maintenance-free
• no standby power
• high insulation resistance
• very low contact resistance

Working principle

Reed sensors, also known as proximity switches, toggle through the approach of a magnet. The inside of the sensor hermetically sealed reed switch reacts reliably and accurately to a magnetic field. It requires no power supply, is insensitive and has a high frquency and long life. The sensor is available as normally open or normally closed. The appropriate switching magnet,even in an assembling friendly housing, can be obtained from us as well.

Product categories Reed sensors:

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Round shape
with cable, screw or plug connection

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  Square shape
with cable, screw, clamp or connector

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  Customized items
different shapes
we realize your wishes

d  product overview

Our reed sensors are available in various designs and different materials (plastic, metall).
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