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Float switches


Float switches are used for level monitoring of liquids (eg detecting whether the container is full or empty, or any other defined level). They have one or more defined switching poiints.


• low cost
• reliable
• durable and maintenance-free
• potential-free
• no standby power
• different types of installation
• very low contact resistance

Working principle

The magnet, integrated in the float, switches one or more reed contacts without touching.
Vertical shape:
The float moves with the liquid level along the stem up and down and switches one or more reed contacts located inside the stem.
Horizontal shape:
At the so-called folding float switch the magnet is integrated in the hinged part and the reed switch in the fixed part. By turning the float switch, the switching function can easily be reversed (NC or NO).

Hints for selection

Make sure taht you choose the suitable float switch for your application. So that the functionality is preserved for many years and thus your device or application to work properly or not be damaged.
Important selection criteria:
• type of liquid
• temperature range
• pressure conditions
• number of switching points
• output type (NO, NC, CO contact)

Product categories Float switches:

float switches horizontal   float switches vertical   float switches customized
Horizontal mounting
mounting from outside

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  Vertical mounting
variant for dirty water

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variant with flush cover

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Our float switches are available in various designs and different materials (plastic, metall).

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