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reliably switching and monitoring


Technical info

The reed switch is the heart of our products. It allows a switching without touch with the help of an external magnetic field (permanent magnet or coil). Based on its construction method and his robustness it offers varied application possibilities under most different conditions.

Construction and functionality:
The reed switch exists of 2 ferromagnetic tongues, melted in a hermetically closed glass pipe. These 2 switch tongues overlap minimally and have a distance of only few micrometers. If a magnetic field approaches the switch tongues, they are energized mutually and then close the contact. If the magnetic field again becomes weaker (by removing the magnet), the contacts open again.

- high life span ( up to 109 switch plays)
- contact hermetically encased
- area of application for temperaturs of -40... +125°C
- very high insulation resistance ( up to 1014 Ohm )
- very low contact resistance ( approx. 100 milliohm )
- switching voltage of some nanovolt to 12,5 kilovolt
- switching current of some femto ampere to 5 ampere
- high switching speed ( up to 0,2 ms )
- types suited for HF available


reed switch


reed switch design



Example applications:
float switch (level sensor), position sensor,
rotation sensor, alarm contact, window sensor, door sensor, pressure sensor, flow sensor, splinter sensor, etc.

Usage and handling information
Reed contacts and reed products must be handled with care.
By falling down or similar shock effects the function
of the component is strongly affected.

Also the influence of strong magnetic fields can lead
to malfunction or remaining changes.

The reed contact and of course all reed products may be pursued only within the electric limit values specified in the data sheet (switching current, switching voltage, switching power). An even brief excess of one of these limit values, can lead to a diminished life span or even to a failure. In particular with capacitive or inductive loads (e.g., reels, engines, lamps) protective measurements must be taken.



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