Level switch HK 1186

Plastic horizontal

HK 1154


  • Inexpensive
  • easy installation from outside
  • Detection of your desired level
  • switching function reversible

For tank wall thickness of 8-12 mm

The standard types of the same design are for wall thicknesses of 1-4 mm. This special type is for thick-walled container walls of 8-12 mm. All you need is a hole with a diameter of 21.3 mm. This is where you plug the float switch from the outside into your container (external mounting). Then carefully tighten the screw.

In the installation position shown, it switches with increasing liquid. By turning the float switch by 180 ° It switches off when the liquid is decreasing.


Diameter:21 mm
Mounting hole:21.3 mm
Installation length:61 mm
Built-in wall thickness:8 to 12 mm
Specifics:Assembly from outside,
nut, gasket and washer


Further product variants available according to your requirements.
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