Suspended float switch VM 1200

Float switch metal VM1200
This suspension float switch is perfect for easy level control of liquids in well shafts, cisterns or oil tanks. The float switch is drained into the tank on the cable and fixed at the desired switching level. A cable gland to determine the switching level is available as an accessory.
Due to the material stainless steel used, the suspension float switch can be used in many liquids.




Material:Stainless steel
Floats:Stainless steel
Diameter:30 mm
Assembly:hanging from the cable
Built-in length132 mm
Cable:5000 mm
(other lengths on request)
Specifics:for well shafts, cisterns and oil tanks, IP68

High chemical resistance

Accessories:Cable glathing for adjusting the switching level



Further product variants available according to your requirements.
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