Reed sensors (proximity switch)

Non-contact switching when approaching, reliable and durable.


Round design
For screwing in or clamping


Square Design
For screwing or clamping


Special design
According to your requirements

Reed Sensors are proximity switches. When a magnetic field is approached, they switch contactless. The actuation is usually carried out by a permanent magnet. Reed sensors are available in different designs. Common areas of application include position monitoring in machines and equipment, or use as a door or window contact switch.

Your reed sensor, tailor-made for your application.

This is easier and more cost-effective than you suspect

  • Long service life (up to 100 million switching games)
  • Very small contact resistance (type. 100 mOhm)
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Switching time approx. 1 ms
  • Hermetically sealed

The reed sensor works reliably and long-lasting in almost any environment. Due to the functional principle with the reed switch and permanent magnet, the sensor works extremely energy-saving. It does not require a separate supply voltage. It is insensitive to environmental influences, through the encapsulation of the switching contact. The switches are located in a hermetically sealed glass tube, in which there is a protective gas.

Each application has its special conditions and requirements. You will always receive your optimally tuned sensorfrom us. Please observe the installation situation and the use of the sensor. The assembly type and choice of material are also very important for the long-lasting and reliable function. This is supplemented with the appropriate connection cable with plug. Our result is in any case a quality productthat convinces by longevity, fitting accuracy, fast and safe assembly, as well as a simple electrical connection.

We offer a wide range of standard sensors. We can easily and cost-effectively adapt these to your requirements. A complete new development is also possible, thanks to our development with our own tool and plastic moulding. A development according to individual requirements is therefore possible even with smaller quantities. You can contact our experts at any time and seek advice.

Reedsensoren, also known as the proximity switch, switch by the approximation of a magnet. The hermetically encapsulated Reed switch inside the sensor responds reliably and accurately to a magnetic field. It is extremely energy efficientbecause it does not require any supply voltage.


The sensor can be used in almost all environmentsas it is insensitive to external environmental influences. A long service life is guaranteed by the high switching frequency (up to 100 million) of the reed switch. The contact resistance is very small (typically 100 mOhm). The switching time is about 1 ms.

The sensor is available as normally open, normally closed or change over. The appropriate switching magnets, also in a mounting-friendly housing, are of course also available from us.

You get the reed sensor in different designs, as an angular, round or special design. The fastening is done by screws or terminals. The switching contact can be executed as a closing, opener or changer, depending on your requirements. The function required for the function is also provided by us, in a mounting-friendly housing.

With us you will find a wide range of different sensors for different fields of application. Depending on the application, the sensors are made of different materials such as plastics (PA, PP, ABS,…) or metal (brass, stainless steel,…). You can also find a waterproof version in our program. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the optimal selection of your reed sensor without obligation.

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