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A magnetic proximity switch (Reed Sensor Or magnetic sensor) is used to switch when a magnetic field approaches.
It belongs to the group of magnetic sensors. Its peculiarity is the contactless switching technique.

What are the Functions of a magnetic Proximity Switch?

A magnetic proximity switch can be used in many environments. It is very energy-saving asit does not require a permanent power supply. A low contact resistance, a short switching time and the long lifespan predestine the magnetic proximity sensor for use in the following areas:

  • Aviation
  • Automotive industry
  • Marine
  • Medicine
  • Security Technology (monitoring of doors, windows, flaps)
  • Motion and accelerometers
  • Electronics (oscilloscopes)
  • Measurement
  • Sensors

What all these applications have in common is that the reliability of the circuit is given a high priority. The Switch must always work because sometimes vital functions depend on it (for example, fire doors).

Magnetic proximity switches work according to a simple but ingenious principle. A reed contact is within a case that is not conductive and not magnetic (aluminium or plastic are suitable as a material). This has two switches made of a ferromagnetic material, which are hermetically disconnected in a glass tube. The switch plates have a small distance of only a few center millimeters. If a magnet is brought near the case, then a north and a south pole Is formed at the reed switch. As a result, the switch plates tighten and close the circuit. This switching process, for example, can trigger a signal that is evaluated elsewhere in the system.

What are the advantages of a magnetic proximity switch?

Approximation switches are mainly used in Industry and where conditions of machines and equipment in the type of sensor are to be monitored. The biggest Advantage lies in their Reliability and Longevity. Since a permanent magnet can be used due to the magnetic switching principle, energy efficiency is very high. As long as the switch is not active, no electricity will flow as it does not require a supply voltage. The switching contact Is encapsulated and therefore largely insensitive to external environmental world influences.

Your Benefits In Using Reed Sensors at a Glance

  • Short shift time (about 1 ms)
  • Different switching functions: Closer, Opener, Changer
  • Hermetically closed system
  • High lifespan (typical 100 million switching)
  • Small contact resistance (typical 100 mOhm)
  • High pressure resistance
  • Further temperature rate range (-20°C to 120°C)
  • Resistance to many industrial substances
  • Insensitive to vibrations and shock
  • Different construction forms to match the purpose of use (round, rectangular, special forms on request)
  • Maintenance

How is a magnetic proximity switch structured and what variants are there?

An approximation switch can have different characteristics, which can be distinguished according to the type of switch, technical specifications and the design. Most of It is equipped with a cable of the desired length to connect.

Approximation switch as a Closer, Opener or Changeover

  • Close: When the magnet approaches, the switch is operated, no current flows at rest
  • Opener: In normal condition, the circuit is closed and interrupted by the switching process
  • Changeover: It is switched between two different circuits, that is, one is always closed, the other interrupted

Different Specifications

The maximum switching voltage and switching current determine the execution of the switch. The smaller these are, the more compact the size may be. The distance between switch and magnet from which a detection is to take place is also part of the application-specific details.


Because proximity switches are used in different areas, different forms are common. In most cases, the switches are offered in round form or rectangular form. Individual designs can be used for special applications.

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